Hi, I’m Michael, and no, you are right, as a child I didn’t dream about growing up and becoming a marriage celebrant. I actually fell into it by accident, but I am very happy that I did.

About 15 years back a friend was being married and was looking for a marriage celebrant, but with little success. One night, in desperation I think, she asked if I would do it!

That was the first time I had ever considered being a Marriage Celebrant. I didn’t even really know what they did. I have a background in presenting, so I thought, I’d give it a shot. The idea of working with couples who are excited and thrilled about their approaching wedding day, is inspiring. So that’s where it all began for me, life as a marriage celebrant.

I have been a professional full time celebrant focusing for a number of years now, creating ceremonies that exceed my clients expectations. Since qualifying as a Marriage Celebrant, I have had some amazing experiences and have met some fantastic people.

Everyone is different and no two wedding ceremonies are the same. People come to me and quite often say that they have no idea what they want – but they want something that reflects them and their relationship.

My objective is to help create a unique ceremony, where you can express your self with sincerity, in your own way and have a fantastic day.


I started life as an accountant, working in the financial markets. However, following an “early mid life crisis” I left the corporate world and returned to full time study, this time in the arts – and in particular theatre. I then worked as a producer, producing theatre at various venues around Sydney. During this time I also became a marriage celebrant. For a number of years now I have worked as a full time celebrant.

Our website address is: https://sydneymarriagecelebrant.info.