Marriage Certificate

Immediately following your ceremony you will receive a Certificates of Marriage from me. It is a legal document and some may accept it as a proof of your marriage. However, some organisations may not accept this certificate as proof of marriage, therefore you may also like/need to apply to get a certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW (if married …

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Sample Ceremonies

Your ceremony should be yours and reflect the two of you. I can help you put together your own unique ceremony. I have a resource folder that I have put together to which you may use parts from or simply to give you an idea of areas you may like to cover.

Happily Ever … Before and After

Commonwealth of Australia Marriage Act 1961 Document outlining the obligations and consequences of marriage and stating the availability of marriage education and counselling Note: See regulation 39A Marriage Regulations 1963 (Cth). Marriage is important Your celebrant is handing you this document because the decision to marry is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. Marriage is a significant step …

Wedding Manual

Click here to download my wedding manual WeddingManual_20130831  

Marriage Counselling

The Commonwealth of Australia recommends all couple seek pre marriage counselling, although it is not a requirement to get married it is highly recommended. Below are a list of some counselling service. Please feel ask me any questions you have in relation to counsellors. Couples Counselling The Heart Centre Affinity Counselling Affirmotive