Marriage Certificate

Immediately following your ceremony you will receive a Certificates of Marriage from me. It is a legal document and some may accept it as a proof of your marriage.

However, some organisations may not accept this certificate as proof of marriage, therefore you may also like/need to apply to get a certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW (if married in NSW).

If you require proof of marriage to change your name or apply for a visa I would suggest you apply for a certificate through BDM after your ceremony.

You can apply at anytime after your ceremony and can order any number of certificates.

To apply for a certificate from BDM is a simple process, however they will charge you a fee.

Here is a link to DBMs NSW site for more details and current pricing

If you decide you would like a certificate from BDM prior to your ceremony you can fill out an application and provide it to me prior to your ceremony. I will then send your application along with my paperwork to BDM NSW following your ceremony and they will then send your certificate, in the mail, directly to you.

Click here to download an application form